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Thomas Wellness Group

more than 30 years of experience
Thomas Wellness Group is a company closely linked to the Fitness and Wellness sectors. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive service in all types of projects, both for professionals and individuals.

At Thomas Wellness Group we make your projects a reality

Innovation, design and technology are our hallmarks.


Thomas Wellness Group represents the essence of its team: a group of young, dynamic and innovative professionals committed to growth and meticulous attention to detail in every working day.

In our perception, product quality takes on true meaning when it is fused with exceptional aesthetic value.


Thomas Wellness Group is positioned as a company closely linked to the Fitness and Wellness sectors. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive service in various projects, both for professionals and individuals. With a vast experience in this field, we offer solutions that harmonize with the strategy, philosophy and objectives of our clients.

On behalf of the entire Thomas Wellness Group team, I welcome you to our company. Since the founding of the company in 1994 we have sought to offer comprehensive solutions to a constantly evolving industry.

Our products, services and solutions have a common denominator: quality.

Day by day we strive for excellence in everything we do because we are sure that this is the only way to contribute to the success of our customers, which is also our success.

Tomás Junquera | CEO and Founder of Thomas Wellness Group

Tomás Junquera

In Thomas Wellness Group we work wherever a fitness or wellness space is projected.

We work with professionals from different fields such as product design managers, architects, physical educators, spa directors, health professionals, hotel industry experts and, of course, athletes and trainers.

Committed to a 360º vision in the entire field of Fitness and Wellness, from Cross-training spaces, sports centers, Boutiques, Pilates centers and physiotherapists, to SPA and changing rooms with a focus on excellence. Our dedication goes beyond design and equipment, providing singular products and environments with unique and exclusive products. We elevate the quality of your space, guaranteeing an unparalleled experience.

Our mission

To make your Fitness and/or Wellness project feasible, regardless of its size, involves a thorough analysis of your needs and an exhaustive study of market options. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality solutions, backed by exceptional products and services, to ensure the overall success of your project.

Our vision

We are aware of the dynamics and volatility of the market. We have the leading specialized consultants in the sector and we are constantly evolving to consolidate our position as your main global supplier of Fitness and Wellness equipment in Spain.

Perseverance, passion, innovation, commitment, honesty, companionship, determination, discipline, motivation and effort.

Our values

We make your project a reality.

Are you interested in starting up your project and have doubts? Tell us, and a specialist will contact you as soon as possible.