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Pilates and Mindfullness with Merrithew

  • Pilates Merrithew
    Never before has doing pilates
    been so elegant
    Equipment designed for precision and performance.
  • Pilates Merrithew
    Mindfulness Leaders
    Innovation, dedication and excellence.

We are official Merrithew® suppliers in Spain.

Merrithew's education and equipment is sought after by clients in all industries worldwide, from fitness and wellness to rehabilitation, healthcare, hospitality and more.

We offer Pilates equipment to develop Pilates with machines, specializing in Pilates reformer. We also offer pilates machines such as cadillac pilates, which is in high demand by the most specialized pilates centers.

All kinds of pilates accessories that will bring to your classes the quality they deserve.

We have Pilates floor equipment such as pilates mats, pilates ball, any kind of light pilates material to develop the pilates mat branch or even material for yoga.


Claror Maritim

A benchmark in sport, health and leisure, has transformed its space with equipment from Merrithew, a leader in Pilates equipment for over 30 years.

pilates 1
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pilates 2
Stability Ball1
pilates 3
Design, Photography
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Design, Photography
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At Home SPX with vertical stand (1)

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We make your project a reality.

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