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Gymnasium furniture

  • Designer changing rooms
    Design changing rooms
    innovative and functional.
    30 years of experience in the design and creation of changing areas.
  • GoFit Peñagrande
    Extensive experience and warranty
    We achieve functional areas with attractive and durable finishes that transmit comfort, intimacy and, above all, confidence.

Changing rooms for gymnasiums

Spa changing rooms

Changing rooms for wellness centers

Changing rooms for hotels


Versatile Design and
Exceptional Functionality

We have a wide range of ranges to suit the different needs of each customer. In addition, our consultants will help you free of charge in the whole process of equipment, in the choice of lockers, locker room benches, shower cubicles or countertops for gyms or hotels and their endless possibilities of finishing. This results in functional, attractive and highly durable changing room areas.

Thanks to our wide range of solutions, we are able to adapt optimally to the space available at any given time.

Versatility is one of our main strengths. All our types of lockers can be modified in terms of height, width and depth to ensure a perfect integration with the layout of your space. Every detail of our lockers has been thought out to enhance the comfort of your customers.

We strive to go beyond expectations, providing solutions that not only meet, but exceed your facility's needs. Discover how our lockers not only offer exceptional functionality, but also elevate your customers' level of satisfaction.

Opt for excellence in design, adaptability and comfort.

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Changing rooms
Changing rooms
Changing rooms
Chelsea Harbour Club London
Changing rooms
Golden Mile
Changing rooms
Get Fit Club
Changing rooms

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We make your project
your project.

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